Conor Hurford


Conor is an artist based at Harrlem Artspace located in rural Derbyshire; moving in shortly after receiving a first class fine art degree from Nottingham Trent University.

Conor’s work centres on ideas regarding ruin; in form, and in the duration of making. He seeks to play with the idea of the natural and unnatural, through proposing forms which could have been eroded and subtracted by man and nature. He often carves directly into the shapes he casts, as well as into more organic sources such as stone.
As well as carving cast forms, Conor leaves others intact, eluding to natural fossilisation, caused alternatively by our industrial processes. Material exploration continues to push these ideas, in exciting and interesting ways.

“Ruins make us think of the past that could have been and the future that never took place, tantalizing us with utopian dreams of escaping the irreversibility of time.” Svetlana Boym.- Ruinophilia: Appreciation of Ruins



Phone: 07468463650


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