After studying fine art at Nottingham Trent University, Conor moved straight in Harrlem Artspace as a studio holder in 2017. For the next four years he explored the sculptural form finding his passions lay in large scale, directly carved forms largely inspired by prehistoric carvings.
Forgoing modern power tools, he found he was at one with the boulders through the durational process of hand carving. Without preordained lines and sketches to follow, forms are often organically made.
Fortunate enough to gain commissions in the UK his practice continued to grow and he is this years recipient of the on form bursary for sculptors under 35.

For On Form 2022 Conor moved his studio to be closer to the gritstone quarry of his childhood home. Sourcing a combined weight of 9 tonnes the sculptures on show have not been dimensionally altered and have all been carved in the last 4 months outside through: snow, ice, rain and sunshine.